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Design and Manufacturing


Design and Manufacturing Services

Plastic Product Design and Tool Creation Service, Ready for Manufacture

Our technical team can draw upon many years’ experience from the multiple disciplines that are required to develop a successful moulded product. We analyse the component design of all new projects and apply our experience of ‘design for manufacture‘ to maximise mould ability, minimise second operations, reduce assembly time and simplify tooling – adding value at every stage, resulting in the ideal combination of material, mould, manpower, and machine for efficient and cost-effective production.

Design and Development

With nearly forty mechanical designers on staff HH Industrial can provide comprehensive design and technical support for your projects.

Whether your project needs Design for Manufacture (DFM) review or a complete concept realisation, our product development processes can provide the level of support you require.

Our design service is combined with a world-class prototype and pilot production facility to further reduce design and development lead times.


Once the design has been finalised, there is nothing better than to bring the component to life, and see it for real. We have close links with a number of partners who can provide support for the production of prototype parts using SLS, SLA, 3D Printing or casting from Silicon moulds, or aluminium tools for preproduction runs. 

By letting the design department, manufacturing/ production engineering and marketing departments see the model at an early stage allows costly errors to be eliminated. Any mistakes can be rectified before expensive tooling has been made for full production whilst the models at this stage are relatively inexpensive.

Product Manufacturing
and Supply

HH Industrial offer an established sub-contract sourcing,  assembly and finished product supply service.

Our customers trust HH Industrial’s Quality Systems to ensure their products are manufactured to their specified standards and from their specified materials.

With factories in Shenzhen and Dongguan totalling more than 10,000 square metres we have both the capacity and experience to help our customers get their products to market.

The Team

Meet the leadership team, empowering each other to drive communication and better results for our customers.

Our Customers

HH Innovations

"Projects from concept through to finished supply of product"

We maintain a responsible controlled management theory, careful Quality Assurance and a professional engineering team in order to provide the best products and after-sales service to customers. Click below to see our full brochure.


Why Choose Us?

As a team we take pride in having worked in many partnerships on complex and difficult projects. We provide innovative product solutions from the beginning ensuring a successful and timely product launch. Recommending that you have your manufacturing partner involved is of high importance; from the early stage of the product design process – saving time on product design, cost of tooling; ultimately saving expensive headaches.

Our design for manufacture service can provide and recommend suitable thermoplastics, elastomers and options for additives specific to the qualities your product requires.


Design and Manufacturing

HH Innovations design and manufacturing processes benefit our customer base by providing speed and certainty through the development process assuring the results match the true needs of the customer’s requirements into production. If a true collaboration can be attained where trade-offs are understood at the design level, decisions are made in real time and implications are understood, iterations can be reduced allowing product plans to be realised meeting cost and time to market considerations.

Design Stage 3

HH Innovations


To generate manufacturing analyses during the design stage, we use the fastest DFM software available. With HH Innovations the modelling process begins by analysing a 3D CAD model to generate a digital twin. After specifying a few basic inputs such as production volume, manufacturing process, and manufacturing location, we then simulate production in a “digital factory” to generate manufacturability and cost models in seconds.


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HH Innovations, Manufacturing Inspired Integration Innovation

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HH Innovations, Manufacturing Inspired Integration Innovation

Design & Development
HH Innovations

For many the thought of developing a new product may be daunting. For HH Innovations it is our skill.

We have an exceptionally strong development team encompassing wide variety of manufacturing skills that are dedicated to the successful design, development and production of innovative products.

As a strong process driven business, we take products from their concept, along a meticulous advanced quality planning process, through to production and into the continuous supply from our factories.